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Click here for details of our next Part 2 course: 1-5 June 2020.

To be held at Chancellors Hotel, Manchester.


Click here for details of our next Part 3 course: 21 March 2020.

To be held at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester.


If you don't get a response to phone calls or letters, I may be off on holiday.

The best thing then will be to send an e-mail to the address below.

I always check my e-mail every day or two, even on holiday.



Contact details:  


22 Lyndhurst Road,



M20 6AA.



Home:    0161 434 2365

Mobile:   07788818027.


Or, write to:

Dr. Tom McFarlane,

22 Lyndhurst Road,

Didsbury, Manchester.

M20 6AA. 



If I put my full e-mail address on the web page, it is picked up by the spammers who scan web sites automatically looking for addresses.

I then get thousands of rubbish e-mails, mostly making disparaging comments about my bits.

And offering magical herbal remedies to make me the Stud of Manchester and the 8th. Wonder of the World.

So I have to disguise the address.

So, here you get a copy of the address which the scanners can't pick up.

Tom McFarlane.

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