North West MRCOG Part 2 OSCE Course. 

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The Autumn course will take place on Saturday 17th. October 2015.


List of contents.

1.   introduction

2.   Date of course

3.   Cost of the course

3.   Location of course

4.   Application form

5.   Course Administrator

6.   Programme

7.   how to get to Stepping Hill Hospital

8.   Stepping Hill Site Plan

9.   Google map for the Stepping Hill area

10. Accommodation in the vicinity of Stepping Hill Hospital



Date of Course.

Saturday 17th. October 2015.


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Cost of the course.

300 pounds sterling.

There is no charge for the Sunday tutorial.



Antenatal clinic,

Maternity Department,

Ground Floor,

Stepping Hill Hospital,


SK2 7JE.


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The NW OSCE course has been run by Phil Chia in Bolton, but he decided to retire from this activity in 2015.

The courses are now run by Claire Candelier and Tom McFarlane in Stockport.

Claire is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Stepping Hill Hospital, Stockport and a MRCOG examiner.

The results for the first course were good.

100 % of those attending passed

Naomi McGuinness attended and won the Gold Medal.

I am not sure how we go about maintaining this standard!

Numbers are restricted to 12.

Don't wait for the results of the written to apply or you will miss out.

Book a place now.

We have asked for a deposit as we sometimes have people booking courses and then not turning up.

A non-returnable deposit helps to discourage this.

If you don't pass the written, we will have reserves to take your place and your deposit will be returned.

It is important to have had the experience of doing at least one OSCE circuit before you go to the exam.

You will do two full circuits on the course.

Some courses have you go round in pairs; half the time actually doing stations, the other half observing.

OK if you are with the gold medallist, but not otherwise!

We don't do that - you will be "active" at all the stations.

The circuits will leave you realising that there are techniques you need to learn.

I plan to run an all-day tutorial on the Sunday after the course to deal with techniques and the stations that were problematic.

Make sure that you arrange time off and accommodation so that you can attend both days.

There is no charge for the Sunday tutorial, which will be held at my home so that we don't need to hire rooms at the hospital.


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Course Administrator:

Valerie M. McFarlane.

Her contact details are here.


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Venue: Maternity Department, Stepping Hill Hospital, Poplar Grove, SK2 7JE

Morning session





Coffee + briefing of Candidates

Antenatal Clinic (waiting area)


Briefing of examiners and role-players

Education Room


Two candidates start preparatory stations

Antenatal Clinic


Circuit A. Oral exam starts

Antenatal Clinic


Circuit A finishes


12.00 -12.30


Antenatal Clinic (waiting area)

12.30 -13.15

Lunch break

Education Room


Afternoon session





Briefing of examiners and role-players

Education Room


Two candidates start preparatory stations

Antenatal Clinic


Circuit B. Oral exam starts

Antenatal Clinic


Circuit B finishes


16.30 -17.00


Antenatal Clinic (waiting area)


End of day 

Education Room




Remember that there will be a tutorial on Sunday 26th. to discuss the stations that were difficult.

We will probably start at about 10.30.

It usually ends about 4.30, but you can leave any time if you get bored or have a train to catch!

Please let me know if you will attend so that Valerie knows the numbers for lunch.

Details of how to get to my home are here.


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