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MRCOG Part 2

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NW Part 2 course

  20th. - 24th. November 2023

NW Part 3 course

  7th. October 2023





































Part 3 May 2023 results

I have heard from 30 members of the group.

22 passed, giving a pass rate of 73%.

The average score was 72% with a range of 63-82.

The pass mark was 62%.

4 of the 8 unsuccessful candidates were non-UK.

This illustrates the added difficulty if not in the system.


Advice on Part 3 preparation from Vinitha

Vinitha passed at her 2nd. attempt in 2023

She increased her score from 59% to 88%.

That was a move from fail to Gold Medal territory!


Advice on preparation from:

  Elaine Church, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner 2010.

  Lucy Higgins, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner, 2011.

  Gemma Cass. MRCOG Gold Medal Winner. 2013

  Sian Bullough, Gold Medalist November 2019.

  Anupama Singh, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2013.

  Neha Gami, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2015.  

  Tom McFarlane    




























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