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MRCOG Part 2: Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists.     

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Courses & training:

MRCOG Part 2 tutorials.

NW Part 2 written course.

   Sun. 10th. - Fri. 15th. January 2016. 

NW Part 2 OSCE course.

   Sat. 17th. October 2015 

UHSM OSCE course.

  Sat. 24th. October 2015 

  NW Part 1 course.










Congratulations and commiserations.

The pass list for the exam is on the RCOG website.

Special congratulations to:

          Naomi McGuinness who won the MRCOG Gold Medal.

          Neha Gami, who won the Vijaya Patil Medal, awarded to the Indian candidate with the highest score

          Rakesh Modi, who won the DRCOG prize medal

 I am always asked who passed from the teaching group - their names are here.

Claire Candelier ran the NWOSCE course for the first time in April.

The pass rate was 100% for those attending and Naomi was one of them.

I expect this course to overbook next time, so book early if you want to attend.


 Advice on preparation from:

  Elaine Church, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner 2010.

   Lucy Higgins, MRCOG Gold Medal Winner, 2011.

   Gemma Cass. MRCOG Gold Medal Winner. 2013

   Anupama Singh, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2013.

   Neha Gami, winner of the Vijaya Patil award 2015.  

   Asma Naqi, successful "overseas" candidate in 2010.

   Tom McFarlane      







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