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The MCQ papers are available at no charge.

Some people wish to contribute to the costs of mainting the website.

If you are one of them, you can make a contribution after you have the passed the exam.


The ones on the website are the last to be updated - it is a process that takes ages.

They are still there so you can decide if they suit your learning stype; don't use them as your exam resource.

The latest versions are on Dropbox.

If you send me an e-mail, I'll link it to the files.

You then get a message from Dropbox giving access.

You get access even if you do not have a Dropbox account.

If you don't have a Dropbox account it is really easy to set one up and the basic account is free - click here



These sample MCQs are meant to give you an idea of what the MCQs in the DRCOG exam are like. 

They also let you know the range of things you need to know.

If you can answer all of them, you are unlikely to encounter anything in the exam that has not been touched on.

It is worth getting one or two of the books of MCQs mentioned in the suggested reading section.


If you are preparing for the MRCOG, the MCQs are a useful point for starting your revision.

Their virtue is that they more or less cover the syllabus.

Some of the answers give you all you need for the MRCOG; some don't.

It is obvious which are which.

I am slowly working my way through them to try to include adequate material for the MRCOG.

How the MCQs are packaged:

MCQs 1 -13 are from our DRCOG information booklet.

MCQ Paper 1 is from the series of 13 MCQ papers that were sent to those who came on Stockport course.

MCQs in the Information Booklet
MCQ Paper 1

List of topics covered by the MCQs:

"Topics covered in the MCQs included in the Stockport Package".  

This is a big file; please be patient while it loads.

Tom McFarlane.

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